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Aquaglide Klickitat HB TWO Package


The Aquaglide Klickitat HB Two offers thrill-seeking fun, recreational touring and all-around use…


  • Aquaglide Klickitat HB TWO inflatable kayak
  • Aquaglide 12V Turbo Pump
  • Aquaglide Kayak Backpack Carry Bag
  • Aquaglide Reflex 2-Piece Paddle
  • 2x TKF 1.5m Paddle Leashes
  • 1x TKF 6L Floating Dry Bag
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Aquaglide Klickitat TWO Inflatable Kayak Package

For anyone looking at getting your first package or if you are just looking at upgrading, we’ve made the decision making easy by packaging together a package that suits just about everyone.

The package includes; Aquaglide Klickitat HB TWO, Aquaglide 12 Volt Turbo Pump, 2x Aquaglide Reflex 2-Piece Paddles and TKF Dry Bag and 2x TKF 1.5M Paddle Leashes.

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  • Aquaglide Klickitat HB TWO inflatable kayak
    • 2x Core™ Seat
    • Aquaglide Kayak Bag
    • Repair kit
  • Aquaglide 12V Turbo Pump
  • Aquaglide Kayak Backpack Carry Bag
  • Aquaglide Reflex 2-Piece Paddle
    • Aquaglide Paddle Bag
  • 2x TKF 1.5m Paddle Leashes
  • 1x TKF 6L Floating Dry Bag

Ultimate in thrill-seeking inflatable kayaks

The Aquaglide Kilickitat HB TWO is a two-person boat for thrill-seeking fun, recreational touring and all-around use…

Created with a traditional river running outline the Kilckitat kayak has exceptional stability with ample rocker for maneuverability and control in rough water.



  • High-quality 1000D (Denier), Duratex Reinforced PVC tubes
  • High-quality 500D (Denier), Duratex Reinforced PVC hull for added safety
  • 2 Person capacity
  • ONLY 15kg in weight
  • Comfortable high back seat
  • Includes kayak bag and seat

Aquaglide 12V Turbo Pump – Powerful, Light and Portable Pump

Aquaglide 12V Turbo PumpAquaglide 12v Turbo Pump is a small, portable 12v inflatable kayak/SUP pump which offers you ease when inflating your kayak, SUP or other inflatables.

  • 12v connection with alligator clips
  • Lightweight at just 1.2kg
  • Multiple ends for different uses

Designed for quick inflation of watersports inflatables where no wall outlet is available. The Aquaglide 12v Turbo Pump uses heavy duty cable and alligator clips to connect to the boat or car battery. Includes deflate option, and Kink-proof hose with attached fittings for Stem, Boston, and Halkey-Roberts type fittings.

Aquaglide Reflex Paddle – Adjustable, Lightweight Kayak Paddle

  • Adjustable between 210cm and 240cm for your preferred length
  • ONLY 1.36kg in weight
  • Strong and versatile

Aquaglide Vario Reflex 2-Piece kayak paddle introduces an entirely new concept in recreational paddles! The totally unique VARIO design allows these lightweight, all-purpose paddles to easily adjust between 210cm and 240cm lengths to meet the needs of various conditions or of different paddlers.

Aquaglide Crossover



Aquaglide Kayak Backpack Carry Bag

Pack your kayak or SUP into this backpack and take your adventurous where ever you wish to go. Strong and versatile design that makes packing up easy and carrying it to your favourite spot even easier.

  • Adjustable cinch straps.
  • Two-way zippers for easy access.
  • Multiple carrying handles provide many handling options.
  • Padded, adjustable backpack style shoulder straps.
  • Drawstring mesh pocket for extra storage.
  • A generously tailored backpack style bag that will fit in most closets

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