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TKF Large FOLDAWAY Landing NetSave Space and Make Fishing Easier…

Landing nets can be such a pain despite being a key part of your fishing trip. They take up space and are always in the way right???

Well TKF focuses our effort on getting landing nets that are space saving to help with the annoyance of this. The FOLDAWAY models are designed to maximize space yet be the best net on the market.

Stop Those Annoying Net Hook-Ups…

Have you ever brought in that awesome fish and had him/her in the net and when trying to get the hook out of the way, it gets caught in the net and is an absolute heartache to release it???

Rubber coated and 100% Rubber nets help dramatically with this issue. By eliminating the material strands that allow the hook to get caught, you won’t suffer from the problem again.

Top that off with the fact that rubber coating helps the fish by not removing their scales. This makes them perfect for CATCH-AND-RELEASE fishing.

So land that monster fish safely with TKF’s quality landing nets/fishing nets. We always ensure we select the best and design the best landing nets to ensure you are comfortable using it and the fish remains unharmed if you are catching and releasing.

With many options and types of landing nets on the market, it can be confusing what the best option is for you. We help with this by providing you with the best options and nets and clearly showing you each.

Our landing nets come with the following advantages to ensure you get the best and it lasts for many years:

  • Rubber or rubber coated netting to protect the fish from harm if you want or need to release it and also to help with preventing painful hook ups with the net.
  • Stainless steel screws and fixtures to prevent rusting and last longer
  • Light weight and ergonomical design to ensure that when you are using it, it isn’t a task in itself to hold and use it.
  • Compact size or storage solution to ensure it isn’t in the road when you don’t need it, but is close by and easy to get to when you do.

TKF 1-Year Warranty Fast Delivery


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