Inflatable Kayaks

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Showing 1–18 of 19 results

Aquaglide Columbia XP1 Water6Do you want the best inflatable kayak for exploring those areas you stumble across…

Have you ever been travelling and noticed a beautiful lake or river and wanted to explore and enjoy it?? Inflatable Kayaks have space and convenience in mind. Store it in your boot, in your caravan or in the back of the ute and when you do want to explore that area, simply pull it out and inflate it with one of TKF’s great range of high pressure pumps. Within 5 minutes, you will be on the water.

The same great fun as a hard body but more convenient…Aquaglide Columbia XP Two Water8

Inflatable kayaks offer you the same versatility and fun as a conventional hard body kayak but without the hassle of storage and pain lifting it on and off your vehicle. With the ever improving materials coming on the market and the great range available, there certainly is an inflatable kayak that suits your use… whether that be an occasional paddler or a hard chore fisho, there is a yak for you.

One Person, Two Person or even a Tandem Kayak, theres one for the entire family…

No matter whether you want to go out alone or with your partner or family, there are different size inflatable kayaks for you.

The One Person Kayaks let you get out and explore or fish and escape from the world. Still with stability and versatility, you will be sure to get the best one person kayak for yourself or your loved one. 

The Two Person Kayaks are perfect for either two person or single person use. With most kayaks offering the ability to move your seats, you can still remove one seat and go out by yourself. They are designed to offer great paddling and stability for two persons to get out and enjoy the day together.

The Tandem Kayak or Three Person Kayak are ideal for the taller person as they offer more space or simply to take your third family member or pet out for the day. Most three person kayaks come with a dicki seat that can be inflated to ensure they are comfy.

Inflatable Kayaks are perfect for the outdoors adventurer, fishos, caravaners or families wanting an affordable weekend sport.

So matter whether you are chasing the best fishing kayak, single person, two person or tandem inflatable kayak, there is most definitely one for everyone person. Don’t be fooled by the inflatable part, they offer more advantages and more fun for you and your family. 🙂

Let TKF help you and your family invest in only the best and what is most suited to you and your use. Call or email us today if you need any help choosing whats best for you.