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Get an inflatable kayak and enjoy everything a conventional kayak can but save space and weight…

Inflatable kayaks are as much fun as a hard body and can do almost everything they can do also… So whats the advantages:

  • Massive weight saving means it is easier to handle off the water, easier to paddle on the water and easier to store.
  • Huge storage size saving. Inflatable kayaks roll up to take up significantly smaller space. That means you can take it in your Caravan or camper, in the oot of your car or put it on your roof rack still and take up no space at all.
  • Faster Set Up Time. Due to the weight saving and the fast inflation time, you can be on the water faster then what it would take you to drag your old one off the roof.

Inflatable Kayaks are perfect for the outdoors adventurer, fishos, caravaners or families wanting an affordable weekend sport.

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