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TKF have sourced one of the best battery manufacturers on the market to supply you with batteries that will keep you powered while on the water.

The AGM sealed and maintenance free batteries are perfect for your boat, kayak or even campsite and will not let you down.

If there is a size you require that is not listed, please get in touch. We can get all sizes and shapes and are happy to work with you for any sealed battery you require. Send us an email to info@totalkayakandfishing.com.au or give us a call and we will get exactly what you need.

Lion AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) Batteries

The Premium Lion ‘EV’ Range of Recreational AGM Batteries offer users the ultimate in leading AGM technology and design across a full range of sizes and capacities to meet all Recreational applications.
The Lion ‘EV’ Range is ideal for Dual Purpose Starting and Deep Cycle requirements in 4WD, caravanning, camping, boating and other recreational uses.
Lion Premium AGM ‘EV’ batteries also meet the needs of mobility applications including wheelchairs, mobility scooters, medical equipment and related lifestyle mobility aids.

AGM Battery Technology

AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery technology allows for a fully sealed battery design with active electrolyte held in a gelified state to achieve immobilization with internal recombination of more than 99% of internally produced gasses.