Inflatable Boats

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Showing all 3 results

Inflatable Boats for Fishing and Recreational Use

Scout365 Inflatable BoatIf you are after an all-round small inflatable boat then look no further. The Scout365 Inflatable Boat is the must have for any angler or person wanting to explore while enjoying the benefits of being compact and light weight for storage.

The SCOUT365 In Action

Check out the Scout365 boat in action cruising down the river with a 3.5hp Mercury 2-Stroke. See more videos at TKF YouTube Channel.

Compact and Light Weight

The Scout365 is not only versatile on the water but offers you a size and weight advantage for storage and transport. At only 31kg and packing into a small bag, you will minimise space used while still being on the water quickly and enjoying the day.

Take it in your caravan or camper, pack into the boot of your small car and then when at home, pack into a space that is not intruding on you or your lifestyle. These are the benefits of inflatable boats. Yet they still offer the same great characteristics of any other small (non inflatable) boat or kayak… comfort, ease of use, agile and versatile and most of all get you out on the water no matter where you are.

The Fishermans Perfection in a Boat

Scout365 Stabiliser Bar

If you love fishing and want the most convenient and comfortable boat to hit the water, well the Scout365 is just that. With its narrow design, you can navigate to the tight little corners where your fish is hiding. But be assured, no stability has been sacrificed to achieve this so you will still be comfortable.

Then when you get there, stand up and cast or stretch the legs with the unique and ONE OF A KIND Flycaster Stabilser Bar. This bar is designed to transfer the weight you exert on it through the boat and therefore you can lean as hard as you want with no effect.

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