About TKF (Total Kayak & Fishing)

Welcome to TKF.

TKF were founded with intentions of providing the highest level of products and service to you. Not for us to brag, but to make your decision easier by providing friendly and first class service when you get your new gear.


“We want everyone to have access to fishing and kayaking so they can get out and enjoy the water with friends and family.”

We know that no matter how bad your day is on the water, it is still amazing and fun. Add friends and family and it can be a memory never lost nor forgotten.

“Back when I was younger, I remember my first time fishing. I was close with my pop and he loved fishing. So one weekend, he taught me how to cast. Not on the water, but in the back yard with a rod and a sinker on the end of the line. Ahh the memories of finding the tree above so many times before I got it. My pop and I were so proud.”

“Following that he taught me to tie a knot. I am not even sure what the knot is called to this day but would you believe that I still remember it and it is the only one I use.”

“This was the lead up to our first fishing trip. My pop, uncle and I went and tried to go to a dam near us. However it was closed. So we enjoyed a road trip and plenty of stops for a fish in a creek along the way.”

Greg, founder of TKF.

See fishing isn’t always about how big the fish is you caught, or how many you caught or lost… but more about the fun and memories you create along the way. Thats why Greg’s first fishing memory was so clear and enjoyable and will stick with him for life.

We want you to create memories. No matter if it is by yourself, with your pop or with your kids… just get out and enjoy the time spent with those close.

We have focused on getting and making products for you to use and to help make those memories. Quality products you will have in many years time that you can look at and remember that time you caught nothing but had the best time trying.

Welcome to TKF and we look forward to helping you more.

ABN – 69 250 029 066