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‘TKF’ (or Total Kayak and Fishing) are manufacturers of quality kayak and fishing accessories that allow you to get out on or around the water with the right gear to enjoy every moment.

We are 100% Australian born, bread and owned and love to get out on the water and practice what we preach. We are like you and love to get out onto the water to either fish or just for a recreational paddle. We work hard to ensure that our products are the best on the market and best suit you and what you are doing with it.

Our Vision is to ‘Make kayaking and fishing achievable and fun for everyone…’

 How we do this is by providing you with gear that anyone can use, and easily use. Our selection of watercraft are compact so you can own it and use it no matter what you drive, where you live or what you are doing with it.

This is why we are very specific with brands we sell… this ensures you get the Very Best Today, Tomorrow and way into the Future.


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