Kayaking is more then a hobby!

For people who already have a kayak, they would agree that it is a really fun and good way to explore and get out on the water. The quietness of your surroundings and the fact that it gives a sense of accomplishment knowing you got from one point to the other under your own steam. But it is more then that…

Kayaking and your mind and body!

As mentioned above, kayaking is a great way to explore the area and get enjoyment while you are doing so. But many probably don’t know that it is a good way to get fit, build muscle strength, improve mental health and improve your cardiovascular health.

Build your muscle and strength…

Image result for kayaking muscleBeing an active hobby, it utilises many muscles in your body including shoulders, abs, arms, back, neck and many in-between. In doing so it builds muscle strength and also flexibility due to the constant movement and the resistance of the water that you need to overcome. Kayaking utilises your core muscles so builds better muscle foundation then some other forms of workouts and hobbies.

Having correct technique is beneficial in that it will work muscles the way they are meant to. On top of that, you will paddle better and be more comfortable so learning the right technique is very useful (we will cover this in future articles).

Improve cardiovascular health and loose weight…

Consistent motion/movement is a great way to get your heart pumping and oxygen flowing through your body. This increased heart function, accompanied by the muscle use, will decrease fat and increase your lean muscle mass. So not only is it relaxing at times and a great day out, but you can be burning calories at the same time. Depending on how hard you are paddling, you can be burning 350-400 or more calories each hour you are out on the water. So get out, enjoy the water and drop a few kgs while you are at it.

Reduce stress and improve mental health…depression

When you are on the water, surrounded by nature, water, animals or friends/family, you switch off from your everyday stresses. Being mindful is a natural part that comes with kayaking due to your focus on paddling, where you are going and your surroundings. This mindfulness alongside the physical activity, helps with stress and mental health symptoms such as depression and anxiety. This is contributed to by the release of chemicals in the brain that help to make you feel better, happy and switched off from the stresses that may be causing the symptom.

So if you have had a stressful day at the office or work, feeling the pressures of life or just not feeling as happy as normal, go hit the water and paddle yourself happier. It is well worth it….

Be more Social…

Kayaking is a fantastic way to meet like minded people. When you have something in common it is easier to make conversation right?? Well having that commonality is a great way to meet lasting friends and be social. Alternatively if you already have friends into kayaking, then it is a great activity to get out and spend time with them… laugh, explore, talk or just take in the wonders of the beautiful place we live.

On top of just being with others, it is also a great means of reducing stress and mental health problems. Spending time with others and not just being alone can be hugely helpful for overcoming stress and mental health problems.


So in conclusion, other then the obvious enjoyment that can be had from kayaking, you can benefit in ways you may have never thought. More reason to get out there and just enjoy being on the water and soaking up the environment around you.

Advantages mentioned above include:

  • Improved strength and muscle growth
  • Weight loss
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Assist with reducing stress and mental health problems
  • A great social activity

We hope you got some useful information from this article. Remember to leave a comment and feel free to add to the above benefits by sharing your thoughts and experiences.